Tooth Fairy

So, you lost a tooth and you need to contact the Tooth Fairy to let her know?

First of all, congratulations! She will be very excited to hear from you. All you need to do is send us an email so we can let the Tooth Fairy know you lost a tooth. We will take care of the rest!

In your email, make sure to tell us how many teeth you lost, your name and, if you aren’t currently a patient of Dixon Dental Care, your address.

The staff of Dixon Dental Care have a very special relationship with the Tooth Fairy. She trusts us to help her keep track of the very special teeth you lose. She checks in with us often so she can update her lists of children who have lost their teeth. She does, however, like to congratulate the children with a very special note – that is her way of saying thank you for allowing her to add your tooth to her collection.

Some of the most common questions the Tooth Fairy answers are:

Why do we lose our baby teeth?
What a good question! The whole reason for our teeth, besides giving us a pretty smile is for chewing our food so we get the nutrients that we need. Our baby teeth are small so that they fit our small jaw, mouth, and muscles and that’s all we need to eat the tiny and soft food that we eat when we are kids. As we grow up and start to eat more foods and need more nutrients we also need stronger teeth. That’s when our adult teeth come in. It’s important not to rush our baby teeth out though because they act as spacer, leaving room for our bigger, adult teeth to move into place.

Does everyone lose their baby teeth?
Not always, sometimes people will keep a few of their baby teeth and that’s okay. Everyone is different.

How many teeth will I lose?
Most kids will lose all 20 of their baby teeth, 10 teeth from the top of your mouth and 10 teeth from the bottom of your mouth. These teeth will be replaced with 32 adult teeth as you grow and your mouth gets bigger!

Why do we lose our baby teeth?
It is really important that you have patience. The adult tooth pushes the baby tooth out of the way when it is ready to move into it’s spot so really it should fall out on it’s own without needing to do anything.

When will my tooth fall out?
Your tooth will fall out naturally when it is ready. Typically most people have lost all of their baby teeth by the time they are 12 or 13 years old. But remember everyone is different sometime people have lost all their tooth by the time they are 10 years old and sometimes people don’t lose all their teeth until they are even 16 years old! Sometimes people never grow adult teeth at all and they keep their baby teeth!

Does it hurt to lose a tooth?
Your mouth could be a little tender when you are eating or chewing but it really should not hurt or be painful.

What does the Tooth Fairy do with all the teeth?
We have heard that the she polishes all the lost teeth until they are sparkly and clean then she carefully puts them into the very special tooth library.

Do animals lose their teeth?
Yes — most animals do lose their teeth. Some animals, like sharks lose teeth and get new ones their entire life! Some sharks go through 35,000 teeth in their lifetime, that’s a lot of teeth!!!