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The top worst foods for your teeth

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We know brushing and flossing are all important- as is visiting your dentist regularly for check ups. These are my top no-no’s for your teeth! 1. Sticky sugary foods In particular gummy candies that stick on your teeth. 2. Acidic foods Citrus fruits and beverages cause erosion of enamel. Try to balance eating the citrus foods with alkaline ( non-citrus) foods at a meal like protein, veggies, and non-citrus fruits. Be careful with sports drinks and sparkling water too. Chew sugarless gum after consuming these drinks if you have one occasionally. 3. Nuts, seeds, and kernels These can get stuck between teeth and under the gums causing inflammation. ...

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Removing a tooth

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Dentists try to preserve teeth but in some instances a tooth or teeth need to be extracted. Some reasons for tooth removal can be if the tooth is badly decayed, broken, or has severe gum disease that can’t be fixed by another method. Sometimes a tooth may need to be removed for orthodontic treatment if there is not enough room to align the bite properly. Another reason a tooth may need to be removed it if it is a wisdom tooth that is impacted. This means the tooth can’t come into the mouth properly and can cause issues later like shifting your teeth, infection, or jaw pain. What happens during the tooth removal? The dentist will numb the area with...

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Ewww! My breath stinks

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The most common cause of bad breath is bacteria at the back of the tongue. Your tongue has a lot of bumps and grooves where bacteria can hide. Certain medications can also cause your mouth to become dry, leading to more bacteria being formed. Your saliva is your friend. What can you do to eliminate the odor? Clean Use a tongue scraper to clean your tongue. Be sure to reach back as far as possible. You can also slide the edge of a spoon over your tongue to clean it, or use your toothbrush but the scraper works best. Eat When the pH in your mouth gets to an alkaline state, sulfur compounds are formed leading to stinky breath. Eating keeps your mouth more acidic,...

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E-cigarettes and Hookahs

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Smoking has been proven to be a deadly habit. More people, including teens, are using electronic cigarettes- or e-cigarettes as they are called. Studies have shown more young adults are turning to e-cigarettes, even those that have never smoked before. An e-cigarette is a battery operated device that converts a liquid chemical called propylene glycol, nicotine, formaldehyde, flavorings and other additives into a vapor that can be inhaled. There are many “fun” flavors available that attract young adults. Fruit punch, peach, strawberry, and mint are but a few of the flavors out there. The contents of e-cigarettes is currently unregulated and some of these...

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Flossing Fun Facts

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One of the best New Year’s Resolutions you can make is to floss daily. But dental floss can be used for more that just your teeth! 1. Use in place of thread to sew a button. (Especially good for coat buttons) 2. Slice through soft foods like cake, cookie dough, or soft cheese. Makes a neat slice. 3. Remove photos stuck in a glass frame or old album. Just saw a long length of floss between the photo and frame. 4. Feed the birds. String unflavored waxed floss with popcorn, cereal, or dried fruit and hang from a tree. 5. Hang light picture frames. It won’t scratch walls like wire. Use a double or triple strand for strength. Did you know? The first...

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