New Year Resolutions

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It’s a New Year! Welcome to 2020. Lots of people make resolutions for the New Year. As a dentist, there is one I wish everyone would make. Get an electric tooth brush. They do a much better job at cleaning your teeth. Studies have confirmed they do a much better job at removing plaque (sticky film on your teeth) and reducing gingivitis (inflamed gums.)

Electric vs. manual

There are many types on the market . It depends on your personal preference but they work better than the manual type. Oscillating kinds ( they rotate) do a better job than those that just vibrate. You can choose one with lots of bells and whistles like timers, different pressure settings like sensitive, or massage, or just get a simple one that turns on/off with a button. The brushes come at different price points depending on the features but you can get a good basic model for under $50.

Don’t forget to floss daily as well and see your dentist for professional teeth cleaning at least twice a year. Make that commitment for your oral health in 2020 and invest in an electric brush!

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