The top worst foods for your teeth

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fruit-salad-with-honey-icon-cartoon-style-vector-25824950hazelnut-icon-cartoon-style-vector-21188048We know brushing and flossing are all important- as is visiting your dentist regularly for check ups.
These are my top no-no’s for your teeth!

1. Sticky sugary foods In particular gummy candies that stick on your teeth.
2. Acidic foods Citrus fruits and beverages cause erosion of enamel. Try to balance eating the citrus foods with alkaline ( non-citrus) foods at a meal like protein, veggies, and non-citrus fruits. Be careful with sports drinks and sparkling water too. Chew sugarless gum after consuming these drinks if you have one occasionally.
3. Nuts, seeds, and kernels These can get stuck between teeth and under the gums causing inflammation. While nuts are good for you- be careful biting into hard ones so you don’t break a tooth, filling, or crown.
4. Ice People like to chew it but it can break teeth and fillings.
5. Starchy snacks Chips convert to sugar and cause cavities.

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