Ewww! My breath stinks

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The most common cause of bad breath is bacteria at the back of the tongue. Your tongue has a lot of bumps and grooves where bacteria can hide. Certain medications can also cause your mouth to become dry, leading to more bacteria being formed. Your saliva is your friend. What can you do to eliminate the odor?

Clean Use a tongue scraper to clean your tongue. Be sure to reach back as far as possible.
You can also slide the edge of a spoon over your tongue to clean it, or use your toothbrush but the scraper works best.

Eat When the pH in your mouth gets to an alkaline state, sulfur compounds are formed leading to stinky breath. Eating keeps your mouth more acidic, which reduces the smell. (pH is measured on a scale of 1-14.
The lower numbers are more acidic, above 7 is more alkaline.)

Rinse Use a mouthrinse that contains zinc and cetylpyridinium chloride as ingredients.

Avoid Steer clear of foods that cause bad breath like onions and garlic.

Dental exam See your dentist to check for gum disease or decay which can lead to bad breath.

If these tactics don’t work, there may be an underlying medical issue causing the problem. Sinus infections, untreated diabetes, and kidney disease are a few that can cause issues. It may be necessary to see your physician is the problem continues.

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