Flossing Fun Facts

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One of the best New Year’s Resolutions you can make is to floss daily.
But dental floss can be used for more that just your teeth!
1. Use in place of thread to sew a button. (Especially good for coat buttons)
2. Slice through soft foods like cake, cookie dough, or soft cheese. Makes a neat slice.
3. Remove photos stuck in a glass frame or old album. Just saw a long length of floss between the photo and frame.
4. Feed the birds. String unflavored waxed floss with popcorn, cereal, or dried fruit and hang from a tree.
5. Hang light picture frames. It won’t scratch walls like wire. Use a double or triple strand for strength.

Did you know?
The first dental floss was produced in 1882 and was made of real silk.

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